Opinionated packing list for El Camino del Norte

What to pack and not to pack for a hike on El Camino de Santiago depends on many factors such as weather, duration of the hike, and most important your personal preferences. With that said, I hope my own packing list can inspire others and give you some ideas when you plan what to bring. … Fortsätt läsa Opinionated packing list for El Camino del Norte

Learning Deep Learning with Python

In brief moments of boredom it is easy to get overambitious and overcommit to some exciting project. On that topic, I bought the book Deep Learning with Python written by François Chollet to have something to enjoy myself with during this holiday season. With the public holidays now coming to an end, it seems that … Fortsätt läsa Learning Deep Learning with Python

Cyber attacks in healthcare

Last week, I entered a course at Mälardalens Högskola (MdH, soon to be MdU) in cyber security, more specifically DVA486 - Fundamentals of Industrial Cybersecurity. The course consists of lectures, webinars and assignments that so far has been in the form of written reports. With most of my writing time having to be spent on … Fortsätt läsa Cyber attacks in healthcare

COVID-19: Donald Trump’s Inside Job?

On May 31st, 2017, Donald Trump made a tweet that made people all over the world baffle with confusion. The world learned about a new word not heard before, as the tweet read: Despite the constant negative press covfefe While the original tweet was deleted shortly after its publication, the author and his associates made … Fortsätt läsa COVID-19: Donald Trump’s Inside Job?