About henziger.com

Hi! My name is Eric, born and raised in Hallstahammar, Sweden, living in Linköping since 2013. I have a master’s degree in computer science and software engineering (graduated from LiU in 2018) and I currently work as a developer at Sectra.

If you want to know more about me and how to contact me, head over to henziger.se.

What I write about

I write about various stuff, but topics usually fall within software, language, culture (books, movies, music, TV series) and education. I occasionally dabble into psychology (often related to self-improvement), feminism and vegan goodies. I sometimes amuse myself and others with creative writing och hiking stories.

You’ll find most of my posts written in Swedish, but everyone once in a while I’ll write in English. If you don’t know Swedish then you can always give Google Translate a shot, it does an okay job most of the time.

Why is the name of the blog [x]?

My blog has changed names throughout the years, here’s a list of the names and why I chose them.

  • This is not for you
    When my blogging adventure began, I didn’t know what to write or who would be the reader. With a reference to one of my favorite books, Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves, I named the blog This is not for you.
  • Någonstans mellan obegriplig och oväntad
    A couple of years into blogging, a name change was due. However, the character of the blog was still ambiguous and the posts varied from the incomprehensible to the unexpected. In Swedish, there are a lot of words in the dictionary between ”obegriplig” (incomprehensible) and ”oväntad” (unexpected) and as such most of my ideas would fit somewhere within that span, and that became the name of the blog.
  • Vox clamantis in deserto
    My blog has not yet had this title, which is latin for ”a voice screaming in the desert” but if I would have fewer readers and louder posts it would perhaps be fitting. I think it is a cool titel either way.
  • Språk, kultur och mjuka saker
    When I eventually decided to get a niche for the blog I decided to frame it within the topics language (språk), culture (kultur) and soft things (mjuka saker). The latter can of course include very many things, but in reality it is often related to my life as a software engineer.
En bild med mig och en hund i norska fjällen